Lumineers Available at Your Dental Care in Katy TX

Lumineers are innovative cosmetic solutions that quickly and effectively transform the smile. If you want to hide dental imperfects and improve your confidence, you can look to our expert cosmetic options at your dental care in Katy TX! At Explore Dental,, we suggest Lumineers for patients interested in a complete smile makeover. Our Lumineers are backed by 30 years of the most advanced knowledge and technology, which guarantees the results you deserve and expect for years into the future.
Benefits of Dental Lumineers
Traditional veneers are typically thick and require preparation prior to placement. While these veneers prove to be a great choice for many individuals, they take longer to manufacture, and often mean wearing acrylic temporaries before the real veneers can permanently adhere to the tooth surface.
With the Lumineers from our practice, you don't have to worry about any of this. This allows patients to avoid extensive tooth preparation, invasive shots, and uncomfortable temporaries all together! When you invest in Lumineers, you can take advantage of practical benefits like the following:
• Chips
• Cracks
• Gaps
• Unevenness
• Crookedness
• Crowding
• Staining
• Misalignment
To learn more to schedule your consultation, contact our dental care in Katy TX by calling (713) 895-9272 and our office will assist in picking the best date and time for your appointment.
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